HealChain is based on the decentralized Patient Stake Principle whereby patients become stakeholders and not simply data sources. HealChain is the mechanism by which patients can secure and control their own health data, deciding on how it is used and benefiting from its monetization.

HealChain aims to empower patients by securing and protecting their right to control their own health data, allowing them to manage how it is used, and enabling them to earn compensation from its use.

We believe that every patient should have direct access to their health data and decide how their data is used, HealChain empowers its users to achieve this.

HealChain is your encrypted data vault and a marketplace, where you can monetize your data based on the Patient Stake Principle.

HealChain protects Your data, Your interest and Your money.

Data Vault

  • Securely store Your medical records, laboratory or imaging methods results and other health data by uploading these items into your encrypted Data Vault.

  • Upload medical records of your family members and have them available everywhere and any time.

Monetize Your Data

  • Create your anonymized data set and offer it to our partners and clients.

  • Receive offers from our partners to participate in a scientific survey or R&D project.

  • Opportunities to monetize your data depend on the quality and quantity of the data you upload.

Symptom Tracker©

Monitor your symptoms during your treatment and analyze your therapy’s effectiveness.


  • Share your treatment experience with people that have similar conditions

  • Ask others about their experiences with specific drugs, treatments, physicians or hospitals

  • Share your experiences with specific therapies or ask how to tell your family about your condition

  • Anonymous and encrypted

News Feed

  • Find curated content to assist your treatment.

  • Access curated articles, blogs, audio, and videos, as well as other resources.

  • Spread awareness by sharing these with loved ones.

  • Personalized AI curated news feeds

Health Data Guardian

HealChain protects your health data and ensures that only you decide how your health data will be used.


Using generative AI to share accurate, unbiased and comprehensive information that is specific to your condition.


The patient is at the heart of our solutions. We develop information systems to make health data managable, secure and valuable... for patients and their individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HealChain a medical product or a DiGa?

No, HealChain is not a medical product or a DiGa. HealChain does not require a prescription, does not perform diagnostics and is not intended to treat any indications.

How are AI/ML used in HealChain?

​For non-app related activities. HealChain utilizes AI/ML for in silico drug discovery. AI/ML allows one to continuously analyze enormous amounts of data in significantly shorter amounts of time. AI/ML never makes final decisions, it is only a tool to help us humans make better decisions, faster.

At a point in the near future, HealChain will release numerous features which utilize AI & ML to benefit patients by bringing clarity & actionable knowledge to their particular concerns.  

In all cases, AI/ML will be employed ethically, securely and ONLY with the expressed permission of the patient, maintaining absolute governance.

How is blockchain used in HealChain?

​Blockchain will be used when our data licensing activities start. Through the use of Smart-Contracts, which are legal documents ledgered on the block chain, data licensing activities will be tracked and executed.

What happens to the data I upload into my Data Vault? How is my data secured?

The Data Vault is a cloud-based storage platform "located" in the country or region of the user. In very basic terms, every piece of data is given an unique identifier that only the app user and the storage system know and can use. Data can be accessed for analytical or licensing purposes only with the app users expressed consent. The data owner has complete governance over their data and dictates every aspect of its access and usage; Neither HealChain nor any of its partners have acces to these unique identifiers, stores or has access to your data or identifiers. HealChain and it´s partners operate and strictly adhere to the regulations and laws as set out by the EU, including GDPR and the EU Health Data Regulations act.

How do I qualify to monetise my data?

Data licensing depends largely on the quality, quantity and relative completeness of your uploaded health data records. Data sets will be selected based on the types of study participants needed. From time to time, you will be asked to have your data analyzed for licensing. You will then be notified if your data matches the profile required for a given study and you have uploaded sufficient data. HealChain will not analyze your data for licensing possibilities without your expressed written permission, The licensing process is based on SmartContract technologies and is completed over the app. Full details of the licensing process will be released over the coming months. HealChain makes it safe and easy to license your data.

What is the Patient Stake Principle?

The Patient Stake Principle is the ethical principle that patient health care data is the absolute property of the individual, the indvidual has absolute governance over their health data, and the individual should be recompensed for the usgage of their health data. Here is a link to the white paper. 

Is HealChain only for Medical Cannabis Patients?

Absolutely not. HealChain enables any individual who has medical records to manage and control their data conveniently and securely from their mobile device.

Who controls how and when my data is used?

If and how your data is used is completely up to you.

What is the purpose of HealChain?

The primary mission of HealChain is to provide it‘s users the ability to securely and conveniently manage their medical records from their mobile device. Users are not only provided highly targeted content and benefits within the app but also opportunities to license their data and earn rewards.

When will I be able to monetise my data?

If you qualify to license your data to one of our vetted third parties for research purposes, you will be notified. If you choose to make your data available, you will be rewarded with Patient Stake Tokens. The HealChain team is in constant communication with third parties to identify licensing opportunities for users.

How much will I earn in exchange for licensing my data?

The amount which users can earn in exchange for licensing their data varies from case to case.

How will I be rewarded for licensing my data and how can I use these earnings?

Users are rewarded using Patient Stake Tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase goods and services which are offered at preferred prices for HealChain community members. Tokens can converted to Euros based on the value of your data for a particular licensing event and paid out to the users‘ bank account. Prior to any licensing event, the user will know exactly the value of their data, who will be licensing it and for what purpose.

Where is the HealChain app available?

HealChain is available for download in the Apple App and Google Play stores.